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About Us

We are a dynamic, interactive education platform designed to help women manage and grow their money with greater skill and confidence.

When we learn, share and engage authentically with each other, and our money, we become financially empowered. A financially empowered woman who honors her values and aligns with her soul purpose can change the world.


"We are comfortable disrupting established social norms and challenging limiting beliefs about money."

We are passionate about helping women achieve their goals and to feel peaceful and satisfied about their relationship with money.

The objective of this site is not to give personal investment advice, sell financial products or services or to provide financial planning to individuals. Its purpose is to inspire, motivate, arm and educate women to become economically independent.


We are a concierge of wisdom and a place of inspiration for women to explore, grow and use their economic power for the good of all.


We educate women about their finances while supporting them to honor their values, align with their soul’s purpose and do good in the world.

Core Values

RESPECT We have a deep and abiding respect for women. We acknowledge the complexity of their lives, the diversity of their experience and the vulnerability they face when navigating through a male-centric economic system.

COLLABORATION We recognize and support each other through dialogue and sharing while knowing that we are all at different stages of our journeys and at different places on the economic continuum.

BOLDLY FEMININE We embrace the grace, the wisdom and the authentic voices of all women. We are nurturing, courageous and open.

SOUL We are soulful beings, each of us with our own purpose, gifts and responsibilities. Money is a means to explore our values and the currency by which we express them. 

AUTHENTICITY We know that the truth isn't always pretty, or comfortable, but in this community we are safe to express how we really feel, and what is really going on.

COMPASSION Our intent is to be kind to ourselves and each other.

COMMUNITY We are stronger together than we are apart.

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Tracy Theemes Quote

"Our financial situation is not about the numbers, but the contexts and stories we live in and with."

Tracy Theemes