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You might be in your first real job after high school or college or in the workplace after a long absence. You can be a mid-career professional or a newly divorced senior. You may say you don’t like money, but it’s more that you don’t like how dealing with it makes you feel.

"You have what it takes to understand finance."

About You

You may be financially reliant on a spouse or trying to maintain your economic independence. You have what it takes to understand finance if only someone would explain it to you in a language that is relevant to your life and respects how your brain processes information. You can’t stand it when people throw a bunch of numbers and charts and graphs at you. It is overwhelming. BUT…you want to get a handle on this because you sense there is opportunity and power in taking control. You are optimistic and even a bit excited about getting a handle on things.

You are ready to learn and grow and be at peace.

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"Our financial situation is not about the numbers, but the contexts and stories we live in and with."

Tracy Theemes