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The hallmark of a courageous question is its authentic presence in the mind and heart of the asker…

I lost a lot of money in the crash of 2008 and I don't want that to happen again. How should I invest my money so that I won't lose it?

No topic begs for subterfuge more than personal finance. No subject seems to inspire in us a more defensive posture of “I know what I’m doing” (even when I don’t) and “I am fine, thank you very much” (even when we are not). Here we celebrate the bravery of articulated curiosity and inquiry. In this place, we agree that all questions matter to the asker. We promise to honour the most vulgar, embarrassing, inspiring and seemingly silly problems. We know that if that question lives in us, make no mistake, it lives in someone else as well.

I hate money. Why can't I just marry rich and not have to worry about it. Do you know any Saudi Princes?

We need to practice asking questions. And the primary one is “am I asking the right questions to get the results I seek and value?" This is a very weighty concept and not only are we exposing the questions themselves but the very nature of the vulnerability and exposure we feel asking.

An empowered woman learns to ask. We learn together. We learn here. Ask away...

I took your advice and went to pick up the tab when my boyfriend and I were out for dinner last saturday night. He flipped out and it became a big issue. So I just dropped it. After all, why should I have an argument and be out the money?

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