My Glorious Ego – Waking Up to Patterns

My Glorious Ego – Waking Up to Patterns

I have done two separate presentations this week on cash flow. No matter where I go I see people in pain and misery over their financial situations sitting forward on their chairs hoping that I will be the one to finally unlock their secrets and cure their madness around money. I might be.

But I am also deeply respectful of the depth in which these patterns reside. Just developing a great cash tracking system is not going to be the answer for 90% of people. Just like going to get the blood test doesn’t cure you of the disease it will diagnose. And the biggest impediment I face even with the most urgent cash flow issues is resistance to change, and not the cash flow situation itself.

And this big block is orchestrated by Ego. You can recognize your ego as the voice that continues to tell you things about yourself and your life that keep you stuck. Believe it or not, its primary purpose is to keep you safe. It assumes that safety means maintaining the status quo. And so a battle begins over your well-being. Changing a situation that does not work or risking the uncertainty that goes with that very change? Quite the tug of war. The ego feeds on insufficiency, a sense of lack, the idea that you are not good enough. It likes to lay blame, find excuses and rationalize its current situation. It says things like I deserve this. Or I am not good enough for that. It values having over being.

Ego lives in the past or future and has an abhorrence for what is. It is never quite satisfied. It thrives on complaining. It loves attention and praise. The Ego thinks something needs to happen before you can be happy and fulfilled. And it really, really hates to be named. It is a tricky little voice that knows your exact vulnerabilities and has your mental traps mapped out with precision.

So what do you do about this? First of all, be thankful that there is an even more powerful part of you that wants you to be sane. Recognize that when patterns are disrupted there will be pushback not just from your Ego but from those around you as well. The great antidote for a cash flow problem is to be in the present moment. To wake up to yourself, how you feel, what makes you happy, what makes you sad.  And when you slow your life down you will become more aware of your patterns. Be kind to your Ego. But do not let it be the boss. You want something different and it is in your own best interest to find a way to achieve it without a mental breakdown. I am convinced that a person cannot be present and also screwed up about money. Interesting idea isn’t it? Or has your Ego started arguing yet…

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"Our financial situation is not about the numbers, but the contexts and stories we live in and with."

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