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Bored with Fear

Is it safe for me to admit that there are certain things that bore me about my family and friends? Is that okay? Will you still like me if I admit this? 

Happy and the Cactus

Happy and the Cactus

Every now and again the Divine sends a message so breathtakingly clear that I am overcome with awe. I was staring at this Christmas cactus this morning and it seemed to encapsulate all the negativity that has been in my Facebook feed and in the world news lately. All I could see was the beautiful blooms were in tatters. One small shift of my gaze however and I saw the miracle on the actual plant itself. It is filled with buds. Bloom buds. Sweet, tight, hopeful glitters of the celebration they were about to become. There are 24 buds and 7 dead blooms.

Recognition & Power

Recognition & Power

On Thursday night I celebrated International Women’s Day by attending the YWCA Women of Distinction nomination ceremony with my daughter, Elizabeth and my Sophia Financial business partner, Kamal. The highlight of the evening  was when the name of each nominee was  individually announced and their face and title flashed up on a large screen. Midway through the presentation, my 23 year old daughter leaned over to me and said, “I am feeling very inadequate”.

Stopping on Time

Stopping on Time

A few weeks ago I was in a car accident. As I was headed home to pick up my breakfast smoothie, a car flew through the stop sign two blocks from my house and crashed into me. I am fine. As is the mom and the two children she was ferrying to school. But it was a real wake up call. In my world view, nothing is an accident. And I have been served notice.

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We're so pleased you're here. This online education community is designed to help you manage and grow your money with greater skill and confidence. We believe that when we learn, share, and engage authentically with each other and our money, we become financially empowered. I mean it when I say: 

A financially empowered woman who honours her values and aligns with her soul purpose can change the world.

Letting in the Light

Tracy Theemes - Financial education for women

Like every woman in my circle, I have been affected deeply by the results of the US election. In addition, I have had the unenviable task of resolving the fact that my young adult son and his father both voted for the other candidate. And it was really hard. Especially so, since my son was gleeful. Boasting. He felt so vindicated.

Fall Back: Moving Inward to Find Your Financial Flow

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My thoughts of late have been centered around money and increasing our capacity for flow so more can come into our lives.

Expanding our energy begins with being satisfied and grateful with what we have and cultivating sufficiency. Then we add another element into the mix: Managing the flow - outward - by turning inward.


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