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Financially Empowered Woman - EPUB CDN Version

Create a healthy relationship with your money. Learn how to use your financial power with integrity, harmony and confidence. Whether you want to overcome a debt problem or gain control of a personal fortune, The Financially Empowered Woman will help you transform the subconscious patterns that are holding you back and offers a practical guide to making your money work for you. In clear and relevant language, this book explains: * Why women think differently about money than men do-and how to use those differences to your advantage * How clarifying your values will help you define and reach your financial goals * Why you don't need to be "good with numbers" to master your money Tracy Theemes is a certified financial planner with a background in psychology. With her sound financial expertise and trademark wisdom, warmth and wit, Theemes charts a course for financial empowerment that will embolden the heart as it educates the mind.

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