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Prior to co-founding Sophia Financial, Raymond James* Group in 2009, Tracy worked as a financial consultant with Smith Barney, a US brokerage firm and, after returning to Canada, was an advisor with a large bank-owned investment firm. Sophia Financial Group is a full service investment advisory and financial planning firm in Vancouver, BC with a special expertise in the economic issues facing women investors.

Tracy Theemes has an M.A. in Counselling Psychology. She is a Certified Financial Planner, insurance licensed, and is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. She is also a Financial Divorce Specialist. Before becoming a financial advisor, Tracy spent 10 years in management with an international play equipment company. She also founded, then sold, a specialty children’s furnishing company based in the US.

Tracy was recently nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction award for Education and the Association for Women in Finance award for Excellence in Business. She was just awarded the International Alliance of Women Global 100 Award for her work in empowering women through education. Her book “The Financially Empowered Woman: Everything you want to know about your money” was recently published and won the Bronze prize for the ‘Living Now Awards’ for finance and economics and the Axiom Gold Medal in the category of personal finance.

*Views expressed on this website are the current opinion of the author, but not necessarily those of Raymond James Ltd. The author’s opinions are subject to change without notice. The content is for educational purposes and does not constitute a solicitation nor an offer to sell or offer to buy securities.


Leading Moms: Tracy Theemes on Being Good Enough

"On October 3, 2012 teamed up with our friends at Modern Mama and Entrepreneur Mom Now Vancouver to present Leading Moms. The day was full of inspiration, as we highlighted moms who are difference-makers in a variety of fields, from fashion to politics to business to the arts to science, and a whole lot more."

Annual Axiom Business Book Awards

“Recognizing and promoting the world’s best business titles.”

"In August of 2007, Jenkins Group launched the Axiom Business Book Awards, “designed to honor the year's best business books and their authors and publishers.” Now, seven years and nearly 2,900 entries later, we announce the winners of the seventh annual, 2014 Axiom Business Book Awards, honoring the year's best business books, their authors, and publishers..."

Women and Money: How gender affects financial decisions.

"Q: How are women different when it comes to investing and managing their financial affairs?

Women currently own half of the financial assets in Canada and projections are that the number will rise to 70% by 2019 (Oppenheimer Funds, 2005 Report on Women and Investing). Tom Peters identifies this trend as a “demographic tsunami.” This presents an enormous opportunity for women. With this kind of economic clout we should be able to influence decision making at all levels of society and could alter the course of political and social change in Canada and the US in unimaginable ways."

Cracking your personal money code – the psychology of money

"Prescriptive advice is the staple of magazines and blogs. It’s often presented in easy to read lists with catchy headlines like: How to…. 3 ways to… 7 habits of…. We’ve all seen the format, we even use it here on this blog. It’s a popular style because it gets right to the point with actionable steps to make changes in everything from your health, your parenting, and of course your finances..."

Dress for Success Vancouver Profile: Tracy Theemes

"Prior to co-founding Sophia Financial Group in 2009, Tracy Theemes gained valuable international experience with Smith Barney, a US brokerage firm. Tracy’s has a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. She is a Certified Financial Planner, is insurance licensed and is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. She is also a Financial Divorce Specialist..."

Money Matters, Simplified

"Vancouver’s Tracy Theemes is a certified financial planner and licensed financial adviser with a previous 12-year career as a practicing counsellor. As co-founder of Sophia Financial Group, she specializes in educating women in money matters and empowering them to take control of their financial lives. The Financially Empowered Woman is her first book..."

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Tracy Theemes Quote

"Our financial situation is not about the numbers, but the contexts and stories we live in and with."

Tracy Theemes