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Women’s lives are inhabited by loved ones, friends and colleagues. We often see ourselves in context of our relationships and the people we care about. In fact, when it comes to our finances, our relationships can be our greatest strengths and/or our biggest obstacles.

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For us, it can actually seem “life threatening” when relationships end or are in conflict.

We can move into “fight or flight” and our bodies and minds reflect high levels of stress. This truncates our decision making ability and our creative problem solving skills. Conversely, we can sit for years in a world of make believe and deliberate ignorance, seeing rainbows and butterflies when really we should be dealing with what is, and taking control of things.

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Marriage, divorce, dating, mothering, being mothered, friends, bosses and colleagues can all affect our stability. And they can all have an impact on our economic life. Join us as we examine the conflicts, opportunities and dynamics of our relationship to money, our people and the complexities of astutely managing both.

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"Our financial situation is not about the numbers, but the contexts and stories we live in and with."

Tracy Theemes